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Freddy Åkesson - Visual Artist

I'm a visual artist, exclusively painting with oil. 


I'm an autodidact who’s been drawing and painting my whole life, as long as I can remember.


I created my first oil painting back in 1979, and since then, creating pictures in oil has been a valuable and important part of my life. I have studied various types of visual artists over the years, and they have all inspired me in different ways.

In this gallery you can find three creation periods, with different styles. After a long period without panting (2005-2017), I started again 2017 and I'm still full of energy working with my new projects.

And the name of my new style is "TWISTED REALISM".

In this gallery, I will also keep you updated with new paintings.

The prices of the oil paintings range from 3.500kr -12.500 SEK.


If you are interested in buying, or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to call me or send me an email.



July 1991  A separate exhibition at a well-known pottery in Skåne

called "Tomas pottery", for one month.

May 1991 A exhibition with two other visual artists in the town hall of Skänninge.

December 2022, a seperate exhibition at "Svea galleriet" in Old town of Stockholm.

Contact / Phone: +46 709165461

Malmgårdsvägen 30 L , 116 38 Stockholm

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